Find Your Joy

align your life with your soul purpose

To align your life with your soul purpose is to listen to your intuition and have the courage to act on the knowledge and guidance you receive. However, most people don’t know how to nurture their ability to receive that guidance.

Tell me if you can relate…

You crave feeling a sense of inner peace and rightness, but aren’t sure how to access your inner guide when you most need to.

You don’t consider yourself to be religious, but you definitely believe in a higher power.

You have tried (or considered trying) alternative solutions and yet continue to search for healing and wholeness.

You don’t need religion or psychedelics to receive divine clarity and a sense of inner knowing.

Hi. I’m Susan…

and Just Breathe & Live is my motto.


I believe you can use your life-giving breath to inform life path choices. It’s the difference between engaging in a degenerative system vs. a regenerative system. Sounds great, right? There’s so much to unpack here.

The choices we make are the externals of complex internal processes. While religious and psychedelic experiences can alter these internal processes by shifting our relationship with the world around us, we can also create a new internal landscape when we alter our frequency and connect to a power greater than ourselves. This changes how we relate to all living beings and has a huge effect on how we relate to ourselves! 

RELATIONSHIPS ARE EVERYTHING because they are the HOW of ‘how we do what we do.’ Relationships have the potential to show us our “stuff,” which can either help us grow, or make us miserable. When you’re stuff shows up, you’re at a crossroad.

if you’re at a crossroad

you have three options


Stay Stationary

You may be unaware that you have options, seeing yourself in a lose/lose scenario. You do nothing to change because you have no clue what is possible. Nothing changes and you remain wondering why you’re even here if there isn’t more to life.


This is a default pattern set long, long ago

Call It Quits

Maybe you recognized the unserving nature of your pattern and tried to change, but felt all your efforts were in vain. You leave your partner, quit the latest diet, abandon a career, or worse: you stop believing in yourself. What most people discover is that the patterns repeat themselves whether with a new partner, a new position, or a new diet.


Nonetheless, this is the most common choice


You truly effect change in your patterns. You see things from a new angle, know where you’ve been and where you’re going, and confidently make changes that serve your growth – not because it fits a cultural norm. Not because guilt, greed, envy or shame drive choice. You change because love and life choose.


Often the healthiest yet most challenging option

you should know…

You Are Not Alone

I know that doesn’t make it easier and it doesn’t take away the pain, but there are bread crumbs that have been laid out for you that lead to the brighter future you know is possible. You have everything you need to find every breadcrumb.
I won’t patronize, but I’ll probably be way more compassionate about where you’re at than you are with yourself. Only love can create great change. Learn how to love yourself, forgive yourself, find courage, build resilience, and exercise power to find your joy.
Let me help you

find your joy

and experience that elusive inner peace.

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