Are you in a state of emotional turbulence? Sometimes situations present themselves and we don’t have weeks to resolve issues because


We have to decide on a course of action now and let the pieces fall where they may. Or,

We can’t stand how we’re feeling inside and need help moving through our emotions.

What To Expect:

In a 911 Session I’ll help you take a fresh look at your situation so you can think more clearly about next steps and offer some tools to navigate toward a solution. If I’ve never worked with you before, I’d like some background about your belief system because the best way to source solutions is to engage a higher power, whether your higher self, the universe, or any other name or attribute you may have.

Price: $75 per 45 minutes*

*an additional charge of $25 per 15 minutes will be added if, while on the call, you decide you need more time.

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