A Bit More About Susan

I love to help people recognize that the way they do anything is the way they do everything.

I have searched long and hard to find connections between seemingly unrelated things, and I’ve learned that the binding thread is life itself. It’s all energy.

There is so much to love.

I love getting lost in my thoughts, but I especially love coming back and seeing how those thoughts either do or don’t match up with my experience. I love the feelings I have inside when I’m in nature. I love to smoosh my face in the fur of my dogs, and I love the taste of tangy lemon desserts. But these don’t come close to how much I love my darling children and my life partner, Woody.

For 30 years, I’ve been a mother.

I was in it for the long haul, eventually birthing four amazing children. But as my kids started transitioning into adulthood and needed me less and less, I felt as though I no longer had purpose. I felt lost. Since they no longer needed me the way they once did, I was basically phased out of a career.

I explored my passions in art, the healing arts, raw food cuisine and yoga. I dove deeply into spiritual philosophies. As long as I (my ego) continued to rely on externals to define self (my role of mother, in this case), I felt disconnected because I was basing my sense of purpose on the value I could bring to a family that didn’t need me. The pain and confusion I felt left me no choice but to take on a paradigm shift.

I’ve re-aligned how I value myself from results-based to process-based. I bring love into everything I do, and there is no more that I can give. When I’ve given my all, I can sit back and be satisfied with the results because the woman in the mirror is smiling at me and telling me “good job, Susan. well done.” I’ve learned to recognize my gifts and choose to share them as the imperative of my worldview. And you, my audience, can receive my offering as you would receive the offering of fruit from a fruit tree.

“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds.”

~Saint Basil

You, too, have fruit to offer the world; but only you can know what kind of tree you are. When I was young, I didn’t question my fruit. I knew I wanted to be a mom and raise a family. When they grew up, I needed to learn how to make pie. If you don’t, my coaching services can help you on your journey of self discovery and help you bear your juiciest fruit, or bake your sweetest pie ever.

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